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Diamond Perfection

The Beauty Is in the Cut

Old-World Craftsmanship

Two factors combine to make a beautiful diamond — the quality of the rough, and the mastery of the cut. Modern lab-grown technology continues to improve at warp speed, but for an exquisite piece of lab-grown rough to achieve its true potential requires old-world craftsmanship. Nothing reveals the inner beauty of a diamond like a masterful cut.

Diamond Perfection

As more consumers request lab-grown diamonds, discriminating jewelers are faced with presenting lab-grown through the luxury lens. Inexpensive lab-grown is available in abundance, but your high-end customers aren't coming to you for cheap lab-grown. They're coming for the novelty of the technology, the perception of sustainability, and the fun of acquiring a much bigger diamond than they otherwise may have purchased.

To respond to your specific luxury lab-grown needs, Primo Diamonds has created a special selection, PrimoSelect, and is making it available exclusively to AGS retailers.

Only the Best

Primo Diamonds offers only the best as-grown HPHT diamond material. Then, we select only the top 1% for our AGS PrimoSelect offering.

PrimoSelect diamonds are then sent to our most talented master polishers to produce diamonds of stunning beauty.

Start with the highest quality, most atomically pure diamond material.
Then have it cut by a master craftsman. That's PrimoSelect.


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