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Premium Lab-Grown Diamonds

Have You Fallen in Love with Lab-Grown Yet?

Lab-grown diamonds are identical in chemical structure to mined-from-the-earth diamonds, making them a vibrant and valid alternative to traditional diamonds. Primo Diamonds stocks extensive inventories of lab-grown diamonds around the world, and we are ready to support you.

In Business Since 1985

Primo Diamonds has been cutting and trading fine diamonds since 1985.  Our international network of long-standing business relationships is a testament to our commitment to customer service, our ethical business practices, and our product quality.

We are proud of our many referring customers and the fact that we have earned their trust with our integrity and creativity, and our desire to help our partners grow their businesses. We would love to establish a relationship with you — please call now and let's get to know each other!

Every Primo lab-grown diamond is sold "as-grown." You get a diamond that was grown beautifully from beginning to end.


"As-Grown" means we do not treat any of our diamonds with HPHT post-growth annealing to improve color.