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Only Fine Diamonds

Primo Diamonds offers only the finest qualities of lab-grown diamonds. We carry a variety of colors and sizes from 0.5 carats to 5.0 carats, and we stock an exceptionally broad array of shapes, colors, sizes, and clarities.

For nearly 40 years we have been faithfully serving our customers, and have earned their trust with our excellent service and ethical practices.

We maintain inventories around the world, so we always have what you are looking for.

We constantly replenish our stock so you can count on us today and tomorrow to have the diamonds you need.

We ship our diamonds with an IGI grading report. For assortments of smaller goods (50 points or less) we can also provide without a grading report if requested.

We can provide you with single stones, matched pairs, and suites. We consistently have stock in the following shapes and cuts:

Our diamond inventory is constantly changing. From day to day you will see different shapes and sizes available. If you do not see a shape you are looking for today, don't worry - it could change tomorrow!

Let's Get to Know One Another

We are currently expanding our network of independent retail jewelers, studio and repair jewelers, manufacturers, and dealers. We welcome the opportunity to explore a working relationship.